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Miniature garden items. Pails, tools, wheelbarrows, trellis, baby lambs, and arbors for an adorable miniature display.

Mini Classical Folly-mini classical gazeebo with metalwork awning for fairy gardens
Mini Classical Folly
Mini Oval Wirework Trays-miniature wire work oval trays for fairy gardening
Mini Oval Wirework Trays
Mini Umbrella Topiary-miniature umbrella topiary form for fairy garden
Mini Umbrella Topiary
Mini Two Tier Wire Plant Stand-Miniature garden two tier wire plant stand
Mini Two Tier Wire Plant Stand
Mini Wire Pot Stand with Pots-mini wirework plant stand with pots for fairy garden
Mini Wire Pot Stand with Pots
Set of 3 Miniature Arrows-Set of 3 mini antiqued arrows
Set of 3 Miniature Arrows
French Chateau-miniature garden or tea keeper french chateau
French Chateau
Country Church-Miniature metal country church for miniature gardening or storage
Country Church
Birdhouse Garden Pick-miniature metal birdhouse pick
Birdhouse Garden Pick
Miniature Birdbath-miniature concrete birdbath
Miniature Birdbath
Tall Single Ball Myrtle Topiary-single ball myrtle topiary
Tall Single Ball Myrtle Topiary
Single Ball Myrtle Topiary-single ball myrtle topiary
Single Ball Myrtle Topiary
Triple Ball Myrtle Topiary-Tall triple ball myrtle topiary
Triple Ball Myrtle Topiary
Cast Iron Bunny-cast iron bunny
Cast Iron Bunny
Miniature Rust Wheelbarrow-miniature rust wheelbarrow
Miniature Rust Wheelbarrow
Set/5 Miniature Glass Cloches-set of 5 mini glass cloches
Set/5 Miniature Glass Cloches
Mini French Garden Gate With Tools-miniature french garden gate, fairy garden gate
Mini French Garden Gate With Tools
Miniature Rust Metal Garden Cart-fairy garden miniature rust garden cart
Miniature Rust Metal Garden Cart
Miniature Wirework Vine Arbor-fairy garden miniature wirework vine arbor
Miniature Wirework Vine Arbor
Concrete Bee Hive-hive twine holder concrete bee skep
Concrete Bee Hive
Miniature Garden Bee Skep-fairy garden miniature bee skep
Miniature Garden Bee Skep
Concrete Jagged Heart Milagro-concrete jagged heart milagro
Concrete Jagged Heart Milagro
Set/2 Burlap Bag Pencil/Pen Holders-burlap pencil pen plant holder
Set/2 Burlap Bag Pencil/Pen Holders
Green Chafer Beetle in Acrylic-chafer beetle in acrylic
Green Chafer Beetle in Acrylic
HedgeHog Hide A Key-hide a key cast iron hedgehog
HedgeHog Hide A Key
Mini English Garden Edging-mini garden edging, fairy garden edging
Mini English Garden Edging
Set of 4 MiniTopiary Forms-miniature topiary forms metal garden
Set of 4 MiniTopiary Forms
Concrete Flaming Heart Milagro-flaming heart concrete
Concrete Flaming Heart Milagro
Glittered Princely Bird-glitter bird with crown white
Glittered Princely Bird
Wirework Jeweled Peace Picks-jeweled letters peace picks
Wirework Jeweled Peace Picks
Mini Hanging Nest With Glitter Eggs-glitter eggs mini nest
Mini Hanging Nest With Glitter Eggs
Hyacinth Under Cloche-hyacinth cloche
Hyacinth Under Cloche
Mini Garden Tools-mini metal garden tools, fairy garden tools
Mini Garden Tools
Miniature Sheep Pin-mini sheep pin
Miniature Sheep Pin
3" Wool Sheep-mini wool sheep
3" Wool Sheep
Mini Wirework Birdcage-wirework birdcage mini
Mini Wirework Birdcage
Mini Wirework Trellis-fairy garden miniature wire trellis
Mini Wirework Trellis
Mini Wirework Chandelier-fairy garden mini wirework chandelier
Mini Wirework Chandelier
Mini Metal Watering Can-fairy garden miniature metal water can
Mini Metal Watering Can
Wirework Bee Skep-wirework bee skep hive
Wirework Bee Skep
Mini Metal  Garden Bucket-Miniature fairy garden metal bucket
Mini Metal Garden Bucket
Set 3 Mini Terra Cotta Pots-Fairy garden miniature terra cotta pots set 3
Set 3 Mini Terra Cotta Pots
Rust Wagon-fairy garden miniature rust wagon wagon
Rust Wagon
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